Talent Retention & Reward

emc-starawardMany organizations today facing the challenge of retaining their talent. It is especially critical for organization with large head count in younger age group. Therefore HR practitioners today are very much prepare to be in a higher level of engaging their human capital in all directions of innovative ways such as work life balance, developing flexibility of job rotation, enable 360 feedback at work etc. To bridge the gap of expectation of an organization with their talent and in return the expectation of the talent towards his interest of self-retain, we will be able to provide a suite of HR tools & processes to develop both complete solutions and generic reward offers such as Broad Banding, Job Matching, Market Surveys and Staff Communication.

It is important to establish a reward strategy which clearly articulates the aims of the various reward elements, integrates them in a coherent way and tells employees what they can expect to receive and why. This strategy needs to be written, communicated and understood throughout the organisation. It is the yardstick by which reward elements are measured and evaluated and manages the expectations of all employees. Without an articulated reward strategy, the various elements will at best seem like individual initiatives and at worse employees will be left to form their own opinions about what the organisation is trying to achieve.

Our customized solutions focus on 5 core deliverables:

  • Systemic alignment of total reward (macro) and management of individual salaries (micro) against market.
  • Diagnostics of reward system connectivity to overall organizational culture, relevance and effectiveness.
  • Reward due diligence & integration solutions in Mergers & Acquisitions and Restructuring.
  • Managing Right Fitting organizational plays including separation packages & separation with individuals affected.
  • Expatriation offer Design and Interventions.